IOS feature verschillen 6500

The following are major feature highlights in each Cisco IOS Software package:
• IP Base: Includes basic routing (Routing Information Protocol [RIP], static routing, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [EIGRP] Stub, Protocol Independent Multicast [PIM] Stub), Layer 2 capabilities, manageability, security, IPv6 host support, and quality of service (QoS)
• IP Services: Adds advanced IP routing (Open Shortest Path First [OSPF], EIGRP, Border Gateway Protocol [BGP], PIM), Cisco TrustSec® security (MacSec, Secure Group Tagging(SGT), SGT Exchange Protocol (SXP), and Security Association Protocal (SAP)), Control and Monitoring Processor (CMP), and Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)
• Advanced IP Services: Adds advanced IPv4 and IPv6 features, Secure Group Access Control Lists (SGACLs), Layer 3 VPN, and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
• Advanced Enterprise Services: Full Cisco IOS Software features, including Ethernet over Multiple Protocol Label Switching (EoMPLS) and Virtual Private Lan Service (VPLS)
Overige features kan je vinden met de Feature Navigator:

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